Hidden Cities is a podcast about the invisible infrastructure that shapes our urban spaces and experiences.

Series 1 of Hidden Cities focuses on housing affordability. In each episode, an expert explains how a policy or economic approach impacts housing affordability, to make these often complex policies understandable. 

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Built to rent will not generate affordable housing, nor will it significantly impact housing affordability. However, it has the potential to fulfill other important public policy goals, including widening housing diversity, creating higher construction and management standards, and providing a more secure form of private rental housing.
Hal Pawson
Hal Pawson is a Professor Housing Research and Policy and Associate Director at the City Futures Research Centre, UNSW.

Build to rent refers to apartment blocks or larger developments that are specifically designed for  rental occupation, and held in single ownership as long-term revenue-generating assets. These development are increasing in use in the United States, but are less common in Australia. Build to rent is sometimes promoted as a strategy for improving housing affordability, but what would the impact of this strategy be?  

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