Hidden Cities is a podcast about the invisible infrastructure that shapes our urban spaces and experiences.

Series 1 of Hidden Cities focuses on housing affordability. In each episode, an expert explains how a policy or economic approach impacts housing affordability, to make these often complex policies understandable. 

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One of the factors that comes into play now when someone is considering the purchase of their home: is it something that will be useful for Airbnb? And can I capitalise on this asset even more and use this as an investment beyond just the value of the house itself to actually capitalise on it from an accommodation perspective? 
Julia Verdouw
Julia Verdouw is a research fellow at UTAS in the Housing and Community Research Unit (HACRU) in the School of Social Sciences. 

Since short stay accommodation arrived in Australia, there has been much speculation about the impact of Airbnb, Stayz and similar platforms on rental availabiltiy and housing affordability. Julia Verdouw and colleagues have conducted research to place some statistics and evidence to support these claims in Tasmania. 

Housing and Community Research Unit 
Parliamentary Inquiry into Housing Affordability 
Inside Airbnb

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