Hidden Cities is a podcast about the invisible infrastructure that shapes our urban spaces and experiences.

Series 1 of Hidden Cities focuses on housing affordability. In each episode, an expert explains how a policy or economic approach impacts housing affordability, to make these often complex policies understandable. 

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We are talking about billions, not millions. The tax system touches all of us in every aspect of our lives. So how taxes are collected, what’s taxed and what isn’t, makes a big difference to wellbeing and the health of the economy. 
Danielle Wood

Danielle Wood is the CEO of the Grattan Institute, President of the Economics Society of Australia and co-founder and former Chair of the Women in Economics Network. 

In the lead up to the 2019 election, there was a lot of conflicting information about what changes to negative gearing would mean for the economy, and for housing affordability. The Grattan Institute released a report called Hot Property: negative gearing and capital gains tax, detailing what negative gearing costs the government, who benefits, and opportunities for how the policy might be adjusted into the future. 

Hot Property Report 
The Conversation - Game of Homes 

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