Hidden Cities is a podcast about the invisible infrastructure that shapes our urban spaces and experiences.

Series 1 of Hidden Cities focuses on housing affordability. In each episode, an expert explains how a policy or economic approach impacts housing affordability, to make these often complex policies understandable. 

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This privatisation of public housing is a global trend. It is problematic because it places housing - that serves an essential function as a human right for shelter - into an environment where profitability supersedes other needs. 
Libby Porter

Dr David Kelly is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Urban Research RMIT.
Professor Libby Porter is a Vice Chancellor’s Principal Research Fellow at RMIT.

The Public Housing Renewal Program is a strategy that targets inner urban low-rise medium density public housing in 11 key locations, and uses private capital to regenerate tired buildings. David and Libby explain how these sites were identified, what happens to the residents during and after the renewal process, and what the loss of public housing means for Australian society.

Save Public Housing Collective
Centre for Urban Research PHRP Report

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